Dermaplaning - 45 mins
Dermaplaning is a method of exfoliation that consists of using a 10 gauge scalpel to gently scrape off the top layer of dulling dead skin cells in order to reveal a smoother, brighter complexion. This treatment is great for removing the Vellous hair and outermost dead skin cells from the face. The skin appears smoother and is left with a bright and fresh glow. Dermaplaning also allows for greater penetration of skincare products and creates a flawless canvas for makeup to glide on smoothly. Dermaplaning is recommended for all skin types except those with acne skin. If you have deep cystic acne, wait until breakouts are clear before trying this treatment.
Price: From £25.00

Micro Needling with lemon bottle - 1 hr, 45 mins
Microneedling involves a trained practitioner using a handheld device to create hundreds of microscopic needle impressions in the skin on the face or body.

As the treatment pen is passed over the face, it creates microinjuries and prompts the derma, a deeper layer of skin, to mount a healing response, delivering a natural collagen boost. The tiny channels in the skin made by the needles also allows for deeper absorption of topical treatments after treatment. As well as general rejuvenation, microneedling is an effective treatment a range of different skin concerns, such as: * Decreased skin elasticity * Enlarged pores * Fine lines and wrinkles * Sun damage * Uneven skin tone * Acne scars
Price: From £50.00

Facial with Enzyme Peel - 30 mins
This is a add on to the Dermaplaning treatment Enzyme peels are composed of fruit enzymes that digest dead skin cells while simultaneously nourishing the skin to reveal a brighter, healthier complexion. The best part of enzyme peels is they are gentle enough for sensitive skin, require zero downtime, and yield immediate results.
Price: £20.00

Hydrofacial - 1 hr
Hydrofacial is a great treatment for rejuvenating and refreshing your skin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles and evening out skin tone.

Hydrofacial is one of the most adaptable treatments as it can addresses a wide range of skincare needs and is ideal for all skin types. This is thanks to its incredible adaptability.

In essence, Hydrofacial is an exfoliating and mild chemical peel treatment with a unique approach to refining and clarifying your skin. It is administered in stages, each enhancing your skin’s natural health. Step one is the detox stage. Your treatment begins with lymphatic drainage to help to rid your skin of built-up toxins. This specialised massage increases circulation in your face and not only feels blissfully relaxing, but it also helps to tone your skin.

Next comes the resurfacing step. Using the patented Hydrofacial tips, your skin is exfoliated – there are different grades of tip where the intensity of the exfoliation can be increased – and a peel is applied to assist with the removal of dead skin cells.

This gentle but effective peel contains glycolic acid and salicylic acid, which effectively clears the skin. While the peel is highly efficient at revealing new, healthy skin cells, you don’t have the ‘peeling’ after-effects that you get with some chemical peels. In fact, there’s no downtime at all with Hydrofacial.

The extraction stage is most people’s favourite – not because it’s relaxing, but because you can really see your skin being purified. During your Hydrofacial, debris is suctioned from your pores.. for maximum benefit several treatments are needed 4 weeks apart and the hydrofacial can be bespoke to each individuals needs.
Price: From £80.00

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